About Us

OLM is a Catholic American School whose mission is to enable each student to achieve their full potential by providing an outstanding education
in a supportive, safe
learning environment.

Our Definition of Learning

Learning is a lifelong journey to greater independence through acquiring knowledge, skills, and values to arrive at understandings in one’s own unique way.

Our Vision

To prepare students for the ever changing demands of a globalized world, creating exciting learning opportunities, motivating them to become responsible, ethical and
compassionate citizens.

Our History

In December 1951, due to the hard work in organizing and raising funds, the members of the Society of Our Lady of Mercy managed to finance the purchase of a property on Rua Visconde de Caravelas, in Botafogo.

Based on this conquest, the community began to dream even bigger, and in January 1952, with the arrival of two Franciscan Sisters, Miss Clarence and Miss Silveira, this dream was fulfilled and our School was created. Our Lady of Mercy was, initially, just a grammar school (now Ensino Fundamental I), whose spiritual direction remained in the hands of American Franciscan priests.

Countless tasks, planning and effort were necessary for the accomplishment of this new mission of the Society of Our Lady of Mercy. In 1953, a temporary chapel was built so that the religious celebrations continued, and the community remained united while the School and the new chapel were constructed. In November 1954, Cardinal Dom Jaime de Barros Câmara blessed the construction of the new School, and it was only in 1961 that the building we now know as the High School building was completed — just in time for the graduation of our first grammar class.

Since then, OLM, the only Catholic American School in Rio de Janeiro, has successfully been building the generations of the OLM family based on its core values of empathy, equity and excellence.

“OLM taught me not only academic skills but life skills as well. The combination of excellence in academics and the focus on forming real human beings with strong values is a very powerful combination that will allow our students to become meaningful individuals in whatever life pursuit they have”.

Mr. Alexandre Rezende, President of the Board of the Society of Our Lady of Mercy.

Mr. Craig Woollard

Head of School

OLM prides itself on the fact that it knows every single students' learning and social emotional needs. OLM is more than a school; it's a family.

Ms. Isabel Auler

Brazilian Director

Learning development only takes place through the interaction of the individual with others. Therefore, the School’s role must consist of mediating this development.

Ms. Gisele Trindade

Business Director

Being part of OLM is to belong to a big welcoming family, with Christian values and principles, which motivates us to always seek the best for the students and members of staff.

“OLM allows students to explore their interests and develop their skills, nurturing their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth. Academic excellence, together with inspiring the highest human values, such as empathy, equity, respect, integrity, and compassion, prepare our students to become responsible and ethical members of society..”

Mr. Leandro Macedo
High School Deputy Principal

and Brazilian Vice-Director

Ms. Kátia Souza

Religion Coordinator

Ms. Luana Nobre

PE Coordinator 

Ms. Rosana Paes

World Social Studies Coordinator 



Ms. Thaís Mesquita

Portuguese Coordinator 

Ms. Elizabeth Freire

Math Coordinator 

Mr. Renan Micha

Science Coordinator 

Mr. Christopher Rucker

AP Capstone Coordinator 

Mr. Rafael Silva

Brazilian Social Studies Coordinator


Mr. Vinicius Aragão

Digital Education Coordinator 

Ms. Joana Sherrill

 High School College Counselor

Ms. Thaís Silvestre

Arts Coordinator

Mr. Rodrigo Silva

IT Coordinator 

Ms. Goreth Cruz

 After School Program Coordinator

Ms. Marcia Villela

Communication Coordinator



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The Our Lady of Mercy Society maintains an English-speaking Parish, located within the School campus, under the Archdiocese of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro authority. Every Sunday, at 9:30, mass is celebrated in English and at 18:00 in Portuguese. Confession is offered before Sunday mass or at any other time by appointment.


+ 55 (21) 2266-8297 / 2266-8273

The PTA (Parents’ and Teachers’ Association) supports the School by discussing issues related to education and events focusing on the community.

Please contact OLM’s PTA at pta@olmrio.com